My first cooking class! It’s cheese steak time!

Phoenix Cooks Sign

Phoenix Cooks 2010

 After many days of impatiently waiting, it was finally Saturday and it was time to go to Phoenix Cooks! My best friend, Ari and I got up super early, showered, skipped breakfast and started driving ! I wanted to be one of the first people to get in! As we walked in they gave us culinary inspired swag bags  and we chose a wine glass! I choose the biggest one I could! 🙂 Ari and I perused around the main event room and we sampled everything we could get our hands on.   

Interesting plate that hold your wine and your utensils too!

This plate is genius! I wish I would have invented it myself!

Surprisingly, there were just as many food booths as there were booths with alcohol and that can get two young ladies in trouble at 10 a.m.  As we were walking around the booths we found a little plate in our swag bags that would hold our wine glasses and utensils! We walked in on the wrong side of the event and started our day with all sorts of chocolate creations. It was wonderful but we were craving some real food. We found many lovely meat dishes and glasses of wine on our way to the other side of the room. Before we knew it was time for our cheese steak class with Jan D’Atri. We both took seats in the front of the class a little loopy and extremely hungry! Thank god we were just watching her cook and not cooking ourselves because that could have been mess.   

Cheesteak Sandwich   

We learned a few things about cheese steak:   

  1. It’s all about tradition so stay away from creativity when making this sandwich!
  2. Jan said, ” It’s got to be rib eye! If it’s not rib eye, it’s not real. Second choice: rib eye.” The easiest way to slice the meat at home is freeze it and slice while still frozen!
  3. There is only one cheese you can put on a cheese steak and that is Cheese Whiz! Tip: If you want the real deal you have to ship it from back east because you can’t  find it anywhere on the west coast!
  4. You must have 1/2 inch  square cut onions and the real bread is a amoroso roll!
  5. Jan did her homework on this and really knows how to make a delicious, authentic cheese steak!

Click the thumbnail for Jan’s Recipe: cheese steak recipe  

I couldn’t video tape my cooking class but click here for a video from Food Network showing you how to make it the right way!  

Here our some other photos from the event ( Don’t miss my photo with Beau Macmillan!): Phoenix Cooks Slideshow  


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Learning from the professionals @ Phoenix Cooks!

On Tuesday I was ecstatic to find out that my best friend’s mom had got us tickets to Phoenix Cooks on Saturday, Sept. 4! From what I’ve heard and read this event is a foodies dream but not in a poor college student’s budget (even though it’s for charity $75  a ticket is steep for me). Fifty local restaurants and hotels show up to display their goods along with local chefs, cooking demonstrations, cooking classes,and tons of samples! First of all, it’s at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge which is a beautiful, relatively new resort that I have never been to! Secondly, it’s five hours of glorious food heaven from 10 am.-3 p.m and I don’t mind waking up early for that. Beyond the delectable food and wine I am going to experience I thought : Why not take a cooking class? It’s only $8 if you register online, $10 the day of (both in my student budget) and a perfect way to start my cooking journey.  I read that they go fast and of course they only had a few classes left open. I also found out that you needed to buy your ticket at the same time as your cooking  class ticket! Ari had to call her mom but she worked her magic to get us tickets! We decided to take a class with Jan D’Atri , local journalist turned cooking show host, because she was making our favorite: CHEESE STEAK! I can’t lie I’m a little nervous because I don’t know what I am getting myself into! Am I actually cooking? Is she just cooking and I’m watching? Did all those hours of watching Food Channel prepare me for the task at hand? I have no idea but I guess I’ll find out on Saturday and I thankfully will have my two best friends Ari and Kayla by my side! I can’t wait! 🙂

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